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Home » The Surprising Secret That Solves Your Problems Quickly: Collins Key (Transcript)

The Surprising Secret That Solves Your Problems Quickly: Collins Key (Transcript)

Collins Key at TEDxSantaBarbara

Full text of magician Collins Key’s talk “The surprising secret that solves your problems quickly” at TEDxSantaBarbara conference.

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Collins Key – Magician

Imagine if you could take your brain and then turn it inside out. And then have access to the information to be able to solve virtually any problem.

It sounds pretty cool right? Well here’s how.

We’re going to take a look at problem solving in a very different way, one that can bring tremendous benefit to your life. And this is a technique I was first introduced to at the age of 12 when I began studying the art form of magic. And I’ve continued to develop it throughout my professional career.

And now best of all, this will be able to work for you, in your personal life, professional, or to help you create that next billion dollar idea. And in any field, sales, marketing, show business. It doesn’t matter.

Now throughout this talk I’m going to be revealing to you three core psychological principles that magicians have been using for more than 5,000 years. And all of these principles have one thing in common. They all revolve around the most important concept in magic. And that is the answer to every problem is hiding in plain sight.

So let me explain. Imagine you’re seated at a table and you’re given a problem to solve using nothing except for these items: a candle, some pushpins, and some matches.

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