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Home » The Unsexy Truth, The Hookup Culture: Lisa Bunnage (Full Transcript)

The Unsexy Truth, The Hookup Culture: Lisa Bunnage (Full Transcript)

Lisa Bunnage

Following is the full text of parenting coach Lisa Bunnage’s TEDx Talk: The Unsexy Truth, The Hookup Culture at TEDxSFU.


As a parenting coach, I get to talk to a lot of troubled teenagers.

About six years ago, I had a really interesting conversation with a 16-year-old girl, who was on the phone – this is me with the phone by the way – and it was a coaching session; it was on a Monday.

I said, “Hi sweetie, how are you doing?”

And she says, “I’m doing OK.”

I said, “That’s good, how was your weekend?”

She said, “It was OK. I partied and the usual I drank a bit, and I met a new guy.”

“Oh! What’s he like?”

“He’s OK. I didn’t really like him that much, so I wouldn’t let him kiss me.”

“Good for you. I’m really proud of you!”

“So, I just gave him a blow job instead.”

True story, true story. I always say that I could never be shocked because I’ve heard everything, but that was the first time I’ve ever heard anything quite like that.

I was really glad it wasn’t Skype and that she didn’t see my reaction. It’s really good when you work from home: you don’t care what you look like, so I don’t like it when a client says, “Can we do a video Skype?” Oh, geez, anyway.

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