The Virginity Fraud by Nina Dølvik Brochmann & Ellen Støkken Dahl at TEDxOslo (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of the TEDx presentation The Virginity Fraud by Nina Dølvik Brochmann & Ellen Støkken Dahl at TEDxOslo conference. They are the authors of the book: The Wonder Down Under.

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Nina Dølvik Brochmann: Like most of you, we grew up believing that the hymen is a proof of virginity. But it turns out we were wrong. What we discovered is that the popular we are told about female virginity is based on two anatomical myths. The truth has been known in medical communities for over a hundred years. Yet somehow these two myths continue to make life difficult for women around the world.

Ellen Støkken Dahl: The first myth is about blood. It tells us that the hymen breaks and bleeds the first time a woman has vaginal sex. In other words, if there is no blood on the sheets afterwards, then the woman was simply not a virgin.

The second myth is a logical consequence of the first. Since the hymen is thought to break and bleeds, people also believe that it actually disappears or is in some way radically altered during a woman’s first intercourse.

If that were true, one would easily be able to determine if a woman is a virgin or not by examining her genitals, by doing a virginity check.

Nina Dølvik Brochmann: So that’s our two myths: Virgins bleed and hymens are lost forever.

Now this may sound like a minor issue to you. Why should you care about an obscure little skinfold on the female body? But the truth is this is about so much more than an anatomical misunderstanding. The myths about the hymen have lived on for centuries because they have cultural significance. They have been used as a powerful tool in the effort to control women’s sexuality in about every culture, religion and historical decade.

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Women are still mistrusted, shamed, harmed, and in the worst cases, subjected to honor killings if they don’t bleed on their wedding night. Other women are forced through degrading virginity checks simply to obtain a job, to save their reputation, or to get married.

Ellen Støkken Dahl: Like in Indonesia, where women are systematically examined to enter military service. After the Egyptian Uprising in 2011, a group of female protesters were forced to undergo virginity checks by their military.

In Oslo, doctors are examining the hymens of young girls to reassure parents that their children are not ruined, and sadly the list goes on. Women are so afraid not to live up to the myths about the hymen that they choose to use different virginity quick fixes to assure a bleeding. That could be plastic surgery, known as re-virgination. It could be vials of blood poured on the sheets after sex, or fake hymens bought online complete with theater bloods and a promise to kiss your deep dark secrets goodbye.

Nina Dølvik Brochmann: By telling girls that no deed can be kept secrets, that their bodies will reveal them no matter what. We have endowed them with fear. Girls are afraid of ruining themselves either through sport, play, tampon use or sexual activity. We have curtailed their opportunities and their freedoms. It’s time we put an end to the virginity fraud. It’s time we break the myths about the hymen once and for all.

Ellen Støkken Dahl: We are medical students, sexual health workers and the authors of the Wonder Down Under. That’s a popular science book about the female genitals, and in our experience people seem to believe that the hymen is some kind of a seal covering the vaginal opening. In Norwegian, it is even called the virgin membrane, and with this we picture something fragile, something easily destructible, something you can rip through, perhaps like a sheet of plastic wrapping.

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