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There Is Another Way: Eckhart Tolle (Full Transcript)

Eckhart Tolle on NOW

Full text of author Eckhart Tolle’s talk: There Is Another Way.

In this talk, Eckhart shares an important practice for this challenging time that allows us to rise above our thoughts about external circumstances and access a deeper dimension of ourselves.


Eckhart Tolle:

There’s a line in Shakespeare; I don’t remember which play. It says:

“Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

There’s a very important lesson here: an essential part of spiritual awakening or we could call it ‘The Awakening of Consciousness’ — is to learn, to become aware of the difference between the situation that you find yourself in, and what your mind says about the situation that you find yourself in, particularly challenging situations.

Many of you at this time are perhaps confined to a small space, perhaps a small apartment. Not allowed to go out, except to buy groceries or other essentials.

Perhaps you have to share that space with several people, or there’s nobody else and you’re feeling lonely. Or you may be experiencing that money is becoming scarce, because you’ve been laid off. No more income.

Or you’re feeling sick and there’s a fever, there’s cough.

Now all these things that many of you are experiencing now would conventionally, normally be called bad. And yes, I suppose at the conventional level they are not pleasant — particularly if you’re sick.

So what does it mean? What does Shakespeare mean when he says ‘Nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so!’?

So your very essential spiritual lesson is to be able to differentiate between a situation that you are experiencing and your mental commentary about the situation that you’re experiencing — the thoughts that you have concerning the situation that you’re experiencing.

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