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(Through The Bible) – Malachi: Zac Poonen (Transcript)

Here is the transcript of Zac Poonen’s teaching on book of MALACHI which is part of the popular series called Through The Bible.

Listen to the audio version here:


Okay, we’ll come now to the last book of the Old Testament. We have rushed through this pretty quickly. But like I said, I’m just putting a few pieces of the jigsaw puzzle in place, and you take your time to fill up the other pieces and see the beauty of God’s Word, this beautiful picture.

I don’t want to rob you of that joy or the connection with the Holy Spirit that you can get when you go to the rest of the verses yourself and find what God wants to speak to you. I believe that is the way we should minister God’s Word, that we don’t give everything. We create an appetite in people.

Okay, in chapter one, you see, Malachi was the last prophet that God sent before John the Baptist. He lived about maybe four hundred and thirty years before Christ. And towards the end of Nehemiah’s time, he was probably a contemporary of Nehemiah. Some of the sins that he describes in chapter two and chapter three are similar to the sins that you read in Nehemiah chapter thirteen.

The condition of God’s people was pretty bad, and Nehemiah’s warnings and all didn’t seem to have much effect. When Nehemiah went back, these people continued to live in sin.

The word Malachi means my messenger, and very similar to the word for angel in our Indian languages, Malaka, from Malachi. And this is the message the Lord gave to His messenger, a burden.

Notice that the prophets always speak about a burden, burden, burden. The burden God lays on your heart is usually the indication of His ministry, the ministry that He has for you. So seek to get a burden from the Lord. If you serve the Lord without a burden, you’re going to get bored after a while.

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