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Home » What are You Willing to Give up to Change the Way We Work: Martin Danoesastro (Transcript)

What are You Willing to Give up to Change the Way We Work: Martin Danoesastro (Transcript)

Martin Danoesastro

In this TED Talk, transformation expert Martin Danoesastro shares lessons learned from companies on both sides of the innovation wave on how to structure your organization so that people at all levels are empowered to make decisions fast and respond to change.

Martin Danoesastro – TED Talk TRANSCRIPT

Have you ever watched a flock of birds work together? Thousands of animals, flying in perfect synchrony: Isn’t it fascinating?

What I find remarkable is that these birds would not be able to do that if they all would have to follow one leader. Their reaction speed would simply be too low.

Instead, scientists believe that these birds are relying on a few simple rules, allowing every single bird to make autonomous decisions while still flying in perfect synchrony. Their alignment enables their autonomy, and their autonomy makes them fast and flexible.

Now, what does this have to do with any one of us?

Well, it’s one way of illustrating what I believe to be the most important change that is needed in ways of working today.

The world is getting faster and more complex, so we need a new way of working, a way that creates alignment around purpose, that takes out bureaucracy and that truly empowers people to make decisions faster.

But the question is: In order to get there, what are we willing to give up?

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