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Home » Why Is The Science of Nutrition Ignored in Medicine? – T. Colin Campbell (Transcript) 

Why Is The Science of Nutrition Ignored in Medicine? – T. Colin Campbell (Transcript) 

Here is the full transcript of author T. Colin Campbell’s talk titled “Why Is The Science of Nutrition Ignored in Medicine?” at TEDxCornellUniversity 2018 conference.

Listen to the audio version here:


Introduction to Nutrition

As I was introduced, my topic is about nutrition. A big, big topic, a word, a concept, an idea that we’ve all spoken about from time to time. But in reality, it seems to me that we haven’t been able to find very much consensus about what that word really means. So, I want to share with you some of the stuff that I’ve learned in the last 60+ years with many students and colleagues and others.

Honest question concerning, What is nutrition? And what is the right kind of food to eat in order to get the best possible health? Let me start out with a big idea. It’s one that has sort of come to me over the years that I think is worth saying.

Namely, nutrition, when done right, can create more health than all the pills and procedures combined. I know that’s a big startling idea but I really mean that. If we do it right, if we eat the right food, we get away from drugs, we can be healthy.

The Problem with Nutrition Education

So, there’s a problem, basically, and this is the problem I wanted to address here. Nutrition is not taught in medical schools. There’s not a medical school in the United States that properly teaches nutrition – hardly at all in many of them.

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