Food Journalist Ori Shavit on Vegans on Top at TEDxHiriya (Full Transcript)

Food journalist and blogger, Ori Shavit talks on Vegans on Top at TEDxHiriya conference. Here is the full transcript of the presentation.

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What if I told you that you can change the world every time you go to the supermarket, prepare dinner, or visit a restaurant, and even enjoy every bite?

Well, if you said that to me only two years ago, I would have laughed in your face. Back then, if I went to a restaurant, I would order a big, red, juicy steak. If you say to me, like, whatever you want to choose to eat, I would prefer to sit on a bar and, with my bare hands, tear a crab apart, bit by bit.

I was a restaurant and bar critic, and food to me was an adventure, pleasure, passion, satisfaction, memories, and home. Changing the world was not on my plate.

But as I became a conscious eater, I discovered I can save lives, improve my health and contribute to protecting the environment. I put the world on my plate. So, I am changing it every time I go to the supermarket, prepare dinner or visit a restaurant.

And if you’re thinking, like I did, that conscious eating means giving up all the pleasures of food, I have good news for you. I took all these ingredients of tastes, flavors, aromas, textures, and added in values of helping, giving and protecting. So, food is still an adventure, still a pleasure, still a passion, and I still enjoy every bite.

We’re all eating from the moment we were born throughout our lives. It’s breakfast, it’s lunch, it’s dinner, and personally for me, it’s everything in between.

Before even I finish one meal, I’m already fantasizing about the next. But how do we choose what we eat? Based on advertising? Your mother’s cooking? Habits? Culture? Taste? Most of the time, we don’t make a conscious choice. We eat and eat, and never stop to think about all this food we put into our bodies. What’s in it? How it was made? Where it come from? Who suffered for it? Who died? What is its real cost?

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Two years ago, although I was writing about food, I didn’t know everything about it. Maybe I didn’t want to. But then, as in any good story, I met a guy.

That guy was so different than me. He was actually thinking about what he eats. He made a conscious choice: he chose to take meat, cheese, milk, and eggs out of his plate. Why would anyone do something like that?

So, I was very curious, and as a good journalist, I immediately started asking him all kinds of questions: “What’s wrong with milk? Why don’t you eat eggs? Come on, you probably eat free-range eggs or organic eggs.” But, no.

Okay, so I asked a lot of questions and I got a lot of answers. And it was then that I knew that something had changed, that I will not be able to fantasize about this next meal, the same way I did before.

Who knows the cost of an egg? Who knows? Okay, but I didn’t ask for the price. I asked for its cost.

As a child, when I saw a little, tiny yellow chick, all I wanted to do was to pat him. They are so sweet with these tiny, little wings, and yellow feathers, tweeting. It would have never crossed my mind to crush or to choke this little yellow chick to death, but this is exactly what I was doing by eating eggs.

Every day, in Israel alone, 15,000 little chicks are being killed, just because they are males and cannot lay eggs. Their sisters are being killed only two years later, just because they don’t lay enough eggs. In other words, the egg industry, in Israel alone, kills 9 million chicks and chickens every single year and throw them to the garbage. This is the cost of an egg, an omelette and a cake.

I visited dairy farms many times, but I never really saw the cows. All I knew was that cow gives milk. We all know that. But wait a second, I’m a mother. I gave birth. I know that in order for my body to produce milk, I have to be pregnant, and give birth. So does a cow. A cow doesn’t give milk. She is impregnated, and when she gives birth, her baby is immediately taken away from her, in order to become your next steak. And mother cow is being milked over, and over, and over again, until her body collapses and she becomes your meatballs.

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