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Hacking Yourself: Dave Asprey (Full Transcript)

Dave Asprey at TEDxConstitutionDrive

Full text of author Dave Asprey’s talk: Hacking yourself at TEDxConstitutionDrive conference. In this informative talk, Dave shares and explains his bio-hacking techniques that he discovered during his journey to be better at everything he does: at work, in family and in life.

Best quote from this talk:

Because if you don’t understand that system and learn how to control it, it will control you. Because it’s faster than you are, even though it’s far dumber than you are.

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Dave Asprey – Author & Entrepreneur

I wanted to start out today by announcing something that people have been asking for a while, which is when is your book coming out?

Because this week, I’m really grateful to have gotten a deal with Rodale to publish my book December 2nd on the Bulletproof diet. So that’s coming up.

So I’m an author and then soon to be another author.

We’ve mentioned the podcast. I’ve been around for a while in Silicon Valley but being a human Guinea pig is the reason I’ve actually managed to stay around in Silicon Valley for a while. And we’re going to talk about that today.

There’s also the idea of being a human performance consultant, which what the heck is that?

Because I got really good at helping myself perform when honestly, biologically I’d probably had no right to perform.

When I started this quest, I’ve developed a practice of helping others do the same.

And when I say I didn’t perform very well, this is me. Sorry, it’s so grainy. This is scanned from Entrepreneur magazine because in a bizarre twist of my life, I was the first person to sell anything over the internet.

So I’m not going to say I invented e-commerce because I’m totally not Al Gore. We love you Al.

But I sold caffeine T-shirts out of my dorm room to 12 countries before the web browser was invented and I weighed 300 pounds.

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Years later, I lost 50 pounds and I became an instructor at down the street at the University of California, while working full-time at the company that created cloud computing called Exodus Communications.

Google’s first servers were in our buildings, using our network. Way cool!

I was a little fat, little inflamed, not looking so great, but still managing to perform reasonably well.

And then I decided I needed to start paying attention to what was going on?

I was getting brain fog, like serious brain fog. I’d sit in a meeting. I couldn’t remember what happened. And I knew I was there, but it’s just gone.

I started hacking and quantifying myself and I’d say, well, some days I perform well, some days I don’t, what’s the variable doing this.

And the kind of thinking that helped to build the internet. On the internet, you don’t have control or visibility of what everyone else is doing. You just know how to talk with them. So you’re managing complex systems without enough data.

And we started getting data and this is doctor handwriting, so you can’t read it. I’ll zoom in. It says: increased risk for stroke and myocardial infarction.

So I’m 29 or 30. And they’re basically saying you have a pretty good chance of dying. Things are worse than you think they are. I thought, well, maybe I should get some more data.

So I injected myself with radioactive sugar, like anyone would do. And I got, what’s called a SPECT scan, which looks at metabolic activity in the brain. And this is actually, you know, it.

And there were two other pages of things: decreased perfusion, decreased activity. Basically, they said, you look like you’ve been poisoned. You have toxic brain exposure and some other stuff.

And best of all, I was an interesting referral. You could call me a motivated biohacker at this point, right. On one hand, my career is going crazy. On the other hand, maybe I’m going crazy.

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And then I realized what they had told me in seventh grade, which was that you’re fat and stupid was actually coming true.

Talk about motivation, so what would you do?

Well, learn yoga, right? So I decided maybe I should explore that. And I did.

And maybe you should go to South America and do aayhuaska with the Shaman and explore that. So I did.

Shave your head. Definitely should do that. And then spend some time at a Buddhist monastery in Nepal and go climb mountains in Tibet. That’s Mount Kailash, the headwaters of the Ganges and the Indus.

So what I did is I explored Eastern approaches when the Western ones largely failed me. Because when I weighed 300 pounds, I worked out six days a week for an hour and a half a day.

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