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Home » How Data Brokers Sold My Identity: Madhumita Murgia (Transcript)

How Data Brokers Sold My Identity: Madhumita Murgia (Transcript)

Full text of journalist Madhumita Murgia’s talk titled “How data brokers sold my identity” at TEDxExeter conference.

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Madhumita Murgia – Journalist

I’m a 26-year-old British Asian woman working in media and living in a South West postcode in London. I have previously lived at two addresses in Sussex, and two others in North East London.

While growing up, my family lived in a detached house in Kent and took holidays to India every year. They mostly did their shopping online at Ocado, gave money to charities and read the Financial Times.

Now, I live in a recently converted flat with a private landlord, and I have a housemate. I’m interested in movies and startups, and I have taken five holidays in the past 12 months, mostly to visit friends abroad. I’m about to buy flights within 14 days.

My annual salary is between 30,000 and 40,000 pounds a year. I don’t own a TV or watch any scheduled programming, but I do enjoy on-demand services such as Netflix or Now TV.

Last week, I passed through Upper Street in North London on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7 p.m. I cook a little, but I tend to eat out or get takeaways often. My favorite cuisines are Thai and Mexican food.

I don’t own any furniture, and I don’t have any children. On weeknights, I tend to spend the evenings with my university friends having dinner. I usually buy my groceries at Sainsbury’s but only because it’s on my way home.

I don’t care for cars or own one. I don’t like any form of housework, and I have a cleaner who lets herself in while I’m at work.

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