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Home » How To Detach From Overthinking & Anxiety: Dr Julie Smith (Transcript)

How To Detach From Overthinking & Anxiety: Dr Julie Smith (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of The Diary Of A CEO podcast titled “‘World Leading Psychologist: How To Detach From Overthinking & Anxiety” with Dr Julie Smith.

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STEVEN BARTLETT: Without further ado, I’m Steven Bartlett and this is The Diary of A CEO. I hope nobody’s listening, but if you are, then please keep this to yourself. Could you do me a quick favour if you’re listening to this? Please hit the follow or subscribe button, it helps more than you know and we invite subscribers in every month to watch the show in person.

Dr. Julie Smith’s Background

STEVEN BARTLETT: Dr. Julie Smith, I had some time to read as much as I could about your story and with a lot of my guests, there’s often tons of backstory online about their personal lives, their upbringing, their childhood that didn’t seem to be the case with you.

And I think one of the things that from getting further and further down the road with your story, I thought was really wonderful, was typically when people are successful and they reach the levels of success that you have in their disciplines, we tend to want to point to some kind of anomalous childhood where something traumatic or really significant happened that shaped them and made them obsessive or overly dedicated or passionate. Was that the case for you? What was your childhood like? Tell me.

DR JULIE SMITH: Yeah, so no, there’s no sort of major trauma that triggered my kind of mission to do any of this or even had a few questions recently about why I was even interested in psychology. And actually I’ve always been fascinated by people, by humans, and I read a lot as a child, but actually everything I read was about normal people in normal life situations and sort of development of how people become who they are. And that’s always fascinated me.

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