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Les Brown: Set Your Mind To Win (Full Transcript)

Les Brown

Full transcript of motivational speaker Les Brown’s speech: Set Your Mind To Win…


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Les Brown – Author, Motivational Speaker

You have something special; you have greatness in you.

Hello, my name is Les Brown, and I’m talking to you from London. London, England, and I’m so excited. I’m going to be speaking this Saturday at a special event. In fact, you can go online to and it will give you the information — it’s going to be a full house and it’s going to transform your life.

Now let me say before I get started in my conversation with you right now is that success is not convenient. You have to do what is required to accommodate success. There are opportunities that are going to come your way and there might be some other things going on, and you have to make a choice. You have to ask yourself the question: What’s in my best interests? How I’m about to use my time? Is it positive? Is it purposeful? Is it leading in the direction of where I’m going and the meaning of my life? Is it productive, and is it profitable?

I can tell you that this coming Saturday it’s going to be a positive event, it’s going to be purposeful. It will help you to identify if you have not already determined it what the purpose of your life is, because I believe that you were created on purpose with a purpose and that which you are to do will only come through you.

And the other thing is it’s going to be a productive use of your time. Because you’re going to walk away with some tools, a blueprint. And here’s something that’s made you. You’re going to walk away with a group of collaborative achievement-driven accountability-focused relationships that will help you win. You can’t make it by yourself.

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And the other thing is that you’re going to come away with a blueprint, action steps, the things that you ought to take day to day. Action steps that will move you in the direction of your dreams.

I want to share conversation with you. Now I want you to like this page and I want you to share this page with everybody you know, all right? Like this page and share this page because I have a message for you that’s going to be transformative — something that will give you some insight and I want to make it clear.

Everything that I’m going to say you already know it. That’s number one.

Number two: Everything I’m going to say you’ve heard it before.

And three, I don’t want you to agree with me, and I don’t want you to believe me. I don’t believe it myself. I know it.

And four, take what you can use and that which does not resonate with you just push it aside.

But I want you to think about your goals and dreams. I’m not just going to wait until this coming Saturday. We have no guarantees that I will be here, or you will be here, okay, and I’ve decided every day my goal is to do something in relationship to the goal that I’ve set for myself.

I’ve set as a goal to transform lives. I’ve set as a goal to leave a legacy. I have set as a goal to train and develop 77 global speakers and life coaches and trainers. In fact, if you go to Les Brown Institute, we license speakers and trainers and life coaches.

And so every day — every day I do something in that direction. Today I had an interview on a very popular station here in London, STV. STV in UK and it was a great experience with a bishop Wayne Malcolm and we had an incredible time. It will be shown at some point in time and my daughter Ona Brown she’s going to be with me this coming Saturday. She was there.

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And I want to talk to you about the life that you envision for yourself. I believe that there’s a life that’s waiting for all of us to step into. And it’s been said there are many keys, but few, or rather there are many locks, but few keys. Many locks but few keys.

I’m going to be showing and sharing some of those keys this weekend, but I just can’t wait until this Saturday. My mama said that I was like a broke refrigerator…don’t tell me those secrets because I’m going to tell everything.

So I want you to think about your goals and your dreams. Something that has a lot of meaning and value to you. Something you’ve been thinking about. Something you’ve been working on and it hasn’t happened.

You know in the area of self-development one of the words that I don’t hear much is patience. Patience. One of my nephews –and I’m not going to tell you his name is James. James said “Uncle!”


“What is it I need to do to become successful?”

I said, “Tell you what, are you serious?”

He said yes.

“What are your goals? What is it you want to do?”

And he told me a lot of things.

I said, “But I want you to boil down. What’s the most important one? Which one do you want right now?”

And he thought about it.

I said you don’t have to tell me right now. But here’s what I want you do. I want you to think about that goal and there are two things I want you to do.

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