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Les Brown: Getting Unstuck (Full Transcript)

Les Brown

Here is the full transcript of motivational speaker Les Brown’s speech titled “Getting Unstuck.”


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It’s my pleasure to be here this evening, to ask you to join together with me to welcome Les Brown for his third in a series of four classes. Les is one of the most inspiring, motivational teachers in America today. When I heard him three years ago, it actually brought tears to my eyes and I rushed one of my son’s over afterwards to introduce him to Les.

And my feeling was every young person in America needs to hear this man, because if you could start them out young, learning the kinds of ideas that he can put across so beautifully and so enthusiastically, and so from the heart, it would change America.

And I knew when he was here before, we’d be having him back again. You know how you just know some things and so I’m just thrilled tonight to introduce to you Les Brown.

LES BROWN – Motivational Speaker & Author

Good evening. How you doing?

When I ask how you’re doing, I want you to say better than good and better than most. How you doing? I know that’s right. And sometimes even better than that, right.

I like to just let you know I really appreciate the opportunity to share some time with you again. Why don’t you give [Leonor] round of applause please?

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