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Home » How Billionaires Set Giant Goals: Robin Sharma (Transcript)

How Billionaires Set Giant Goals: Robin Sharma (Transcript)

Robin Sharma

Transcript of Robin Sharma’s talk on How Billionaires Set Giant Goals

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Robin Sharma – Author

Hi, it’s Robin Sharma, author of the Leader Who Had No Title, founder of The Titan Academy, and welcome with this Mastery Session called How Billionaires Set Giant Goals.

So when I look at my social media feeds a lot of people are asking me “Robin, can you walk us through how the best in the world set and achieve great goals?”

And so I’d love to do that for you and here is a sequence. You don’t have to do it 100%, but part-time performance leads to part-time results. And if you do do it 100%, you are going to get some phenomenal results in your pro life, in your financial life, in your physical life, in your private life, and in your spiritual life.

So let’s get going. Starting point number one, step one in the billionaire goal setting process, and you probably know, just to give you some context, I’ve worked with many of the most successful and celebrity billionaires on the planet for going into my third decade, and I’ve worked very intimately helping them scale their empires, get their financial lives to the next level, and also calibrate their lifestyles, because a lot of these people are very successful in business, but their personal lives are a mess.

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