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Home » Potential Solutions To Fix Mass Indoctrination: Eric Kaufmann (Transcript)

Potential Solutions To Fix Mass Indoctrination: Eric Kaufmann (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of The Dr. Jordan B. Peterson Podcast episode titled “Potential Solutions To Fix Mass Indoctrination” with author and professor of politics Eric Kaufmann. This episode was recorded on May 27th, 2024.

Listen to the audio version here:


DR. JORDAN PETERSON: Hello, everybody. I have the opportunity today to talk to Dr. Eric Peter Kauffman. He’s a Canadian author and a professor from the University of Buckingham. He’s written a new book to come out in two different forms: “The Third Awokening,” or “Taboo: How Making Race Sacred Produced a Cultural Revolution.” Eric is also the author of a number of other books, “Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth,” “The Rise and Fall of Anglo-America,” “The Orange Order,” etc. He’s a rare bird, you might say. He’s a relatively conservative social scientist, and there aren’t very many of those. In fact, I think the two of us talking are about the only two that there are. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but not much.

We talk about a lot of things today. We talk about the sacred dimension of the victim-victimizer narrative. We talk about the state of modern universities and what’s being done to, what would you say, stem the tide of the radical leftists. We talk about Dr. Kauffman’s, well, his presumption that much of what’s happening on the culture war front isn’t precisely due to the invasion of Marxists that you often hear about, or even about post-modernism per se, but more about progressive literalism with its roots in the early 20th century, and so he makes that case. We talk about sex and the different political beliefs that are emerging, especially between men and young women.

Join us for the conversation. You’re concentrating on the culture war, which continues to rage madly, especially in, well, academia and everything it touches. Do you want to tell, I thought we’d start with two things. Do you want to tell people why you entitled your new book, “The Third Awokening,” and then maybe fill everybody in a little bit about your, the history you’ve had with council culture and academia and how that ties in with your broader, your broader body of work?

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