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Home » Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on The Learning Revolution at TED Talk Conference (Transcript)

Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on The Learning Revolution at TED Talk Conference (Transcript)

Ken Robinson

Here is the full transcript and summary of educator and creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson’s TED Talk presentation: Bring on The Learning Revolution. This event occurred in February 2010.

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I was here four years ago, and I remember at the time that the talks weren’t put online. I think they were given to TEDsters in a box, a box set of DVDs, which they put on their shelves, where they are now.

And actually, Chris called me a week after I’d given my talk, and said, “We’re going to start putting them online. Can we put yours online?”

And I said, “Sure.”

And four years later, as I said it’s been seen by — it’s been downloaded four million times. So I suppose you could multiply that by 20 or something to get the number of people who’ve seen it. And, as Chris says, there is a hunger for videos of me. Don’t you feel?

So, this whole event has been an elaborate build-up to me doing another one for you, so here it is.

Al Gore spoke at the TED conference I spoke at four years ago and talked about the climate crisis. And I referenced that at the end of my last talk. So I want to pick up from there because I only had 18 minutes, frankly. So, as I was saying —

You see, he’s right. I mean, there is a major climate crisis, obviously, and I think if people don’t believe it, they should get out more. But I believe there is a second climate crisis, which is as severe, which has the same origins, and that we have to deal with with the same urgency. And I mean by this — you may say, by the way, “Look, I’m good. I have one climate crisis, I don’t really need the second one.”

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