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Home » Test Your Might! Shaolin Spirit: Shi Heng Yi (Transcript)

Test Your Might! Shaolin Spirit: Shi Heng Yi (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript and summary of Shi Heng Yi’s talk titled “Test Your Might! Shaolin Spirit” at TEDxBaiaMare conference. In this TEDx talk, Shi Heng Yi presents several key takeaways that resonate with personal development, mindfulness, and physical discipline, drawing from the Shaolin tradition.

Listen to the audio version here:


Good evening, Baia Mare. So the following presentation, this following talk, I would like to thank all my teachers and everyone that has supported and guided me in the past along this very extraordinary journey. So I was very lucky once again being invited to one more TEDx talk. And as the title said: Missing link. All right.

So first of all, I was thinking: Missing link for what? So the missing link to have a successful business? The missing link to have a harmonious family life or relationship? Or the missing link for what? But ultimately, in a way, for me, it’s very, very simple because I would just like to invite you into a small journey, into what is it that is going on in my mind when I look at the world or when I look at such a question.

So first of all, the future doesn’t matter if you are not there. Your business doesn’t matter if you are not there, who can witness the success and the loss of whatever your business is doing there. You cannot enjoy your family if you are not there. So the whole point I would like to point out is apparently there is something about you. And this is the very initial starting point: Own your life. Own your life.

If I look right now out in the world and also in the past, what I witness is simply like this: There is the tendency that a lot of things are being outsourced to everybody else, to institutions, to other people, which lie outside of you. Either we look out for somebody able to give us something, or if something is going wrong, we look for someone that we can blame. So it doesn’t matter which direction we go.

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