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Home » The Power of Breath: Yoga’s Psychological Benefits: Anjali Mehta (Transcript)

The Power of Breath: Yoga’s Psychological Benefits: Anjali Mehta (Transcript)

Anjali Mehta at TEDxYouth@SA

Full text of yoga instructor Anjali Mehta’s talk: The Power of Breath – Yoga’s Psychological Benefits at TEDxYouth@SAS conference. In this talk, she shows how yoga’s simplest of actions like breathing can produce a calming effect on one’s mental state. .

Listen to the MP3 Audio here:


Anjali Mehta – Yoga Instructor

Yoga is a Sanskrit term for union. Union, the act of joining or being joined.

Yoga is the practice of connecting the mind and the body. The only existing bridge that could potentially connect the mind and the body is the breath.

And the Sun Salutation, as you just observed, is a series of yoga postures designed to move to the rhythm of our inhales and our exhales. And as we do this, we form a connection between the mind and the body.

Two years ago, there was no chance of me even attempting the Sun Salutation. I have a very spiritual family, all of whom are into yoga, breathing, meditation, Ayurveda, all of which at the time I was simply not interested in.

My parents tried very hard. For many years, they sent me links to YouTube videos of breathing exercises and Sun Salutation tutorials, even articles as to how yoga can change your life.

But I was ignorant. I was not willing to listen to my parents.

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