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Wash Away The Corona, If You Can…

The sweltering summer sweat;
The land dry and thirsty;
The trees waiting for a big bath...
Rain, O you Rain!
You fall down on this land.
You never looked so shy as this time;
Now you look like a newly wedded wife,
Dodging every stranger you meet.
Rain, O You Rain!
The birds, the trees, the land,
The lakes and the rivers
Are all waiting for your fall.
Don't just hang in there, please.
Children may sing
'Rain, Rain Go Away...'
Never listen to them;
They always sing that way.
Instead, heed to the unheard voices
Of the trees, the birds, the land
- And the dirty humans...
Wash us all clean;
Wash away the dirt;
And wash away the Corona, if you can...

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