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Home » Think Twice Before Buying: Lucía González Schuett (Transcript)

Think Twice Before Buying: Lucía González Schuett (Transcript)

Here is the full text of Lucía González Schuett’s talk: Think Twice Before Buying at TEDxHHL event conference.

Listen to the MP3 Audio here:


A couple of months ago, I had the opportunity to give a TEDx talk at HEC Paris. I built my presentation around the junk drawer. You know, that drawer most of us have at home where we store every random object we own, but apparently haven’t found a better spot for.

I shared this image, because this is where my personal rollercoaster journey began… thoroughly looking into each of my junk drawers and questioning every single thing I owned.

Do I really need this? Does it add value to my life? Is it worth the space it takes up or the care it requires?

I had decided to declutter and downsize my belongings once and for all and spent year 2018 without buying anything but food.

I couldn’t imagine back then, how much the idea of not buying would resonate.

Ever since that talk, people from all over the world have been reaching out to me to tell me their views on the topic, to laugh at their own struggles with their junk, or to share tips they had found useful during their own non-buying experience.

It has been rewarding to confirm that I am NOT alone in fighting this mad circle of consumption we’re tapped in. And especially encouraging to see that there is still a lot to be discussed.

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