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Home » My No Spend Year: Michelle McGagh at TEDxManchester (Full Transcript)

My No Spend Year: Michelle McGagh at TEDxManchester (Full Transcript)

Michelle McGagh at TEDxManchester

Following is the full text of personal finance journalist Michelle McGagh’s talk titled “My No Spend Year” at TEDxManchester conference.


Hi. I hope you all had a bullet coffee, or bulletproof coffee, to keep you going through the last of the day. Um, okay.

So imagine the scene: You’ve had a really hard day at work; you have got to get something for dinner on the way home; you pop into one of those mini supermarkets that are on every single corner; you think, “I’ll get some of that fresh pasta and sauce”; you go in, get your shopping. By the time you leave, you’ve spent fifteen quid.

You’re not quite sure how you’ve done it, and it’s really annoying. If you’ve ever done that, you’re not alone. That was me.

I wasn’t in loads of debt, apart from my mortgage. I wasn’t racking up purchases on credit cards. I’m not a spendaholic.

But my money was frittering out of my account, and I had nothing to show for it, so I decided to do something about it. I decided to stop spending for a year.

But back up a little bit. Because it wasn’t just supermarket trips and Tesco’s that made me stop spending, it was kind of a general discontentment with where my money was going and my role as a consumer.

And it was kick-started when me and my husband bought a house, and it needed quite a lot of work doing to it. And we decided to put all our stuff in one of those really expensive storage units.

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