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TRANSCRIPT: How The iPad Affects Young Children, And What We Can Do About It – Lisa Guernsey

Here is the full text and audio Lisa Guernsey’s talk titled ‘HOW THE IPAD AFFECTS YOUNG CHILDREN, AND WHAT WE CAN DO ABOUT IT’ at TEDxMidAtlantic conference.

Listen to the audio version here:


Lisa Guernsey – Author

A little over 10 years ago, I was a technology reporter at the New York Times, and I was supposed to be looking at how technology was affecting education and family life. So you might think, at least I thought, that that meant that I knew how technology would affect children — until I actually had children.

Here are my girls, my two daughters. This is Janelle and Jillian. And this is a picture that was taken several years ago, actually, when they were about two and four years old. And I took this picture when I was working on a book about how media affects children. And if it looks in this picture like they are concocting some sort of plan to keep me from writing my book, then you would be right.

But as I watched my kids using technology, I started to have so many questions. In fact, before they were even this young, when they were babies, I was starting to have some serious questions about what I thought at the time was a pretty simple technology: The TV screen.

When they were looking at the screen and they were just babies, did they understand what they were seeing on it? Those people that were showing up on the screen, did they get that these were like maybe people who represented what was happening in real life? The sounds that came out of the TV set, did they understand those sounds? Did they know that those were words the way they seemed to understand what was coming out of my mouth?

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