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Home » What You Weren’t Taught About Making Money: Sarah Potter (Transcript)

What You Weren’t Taught About Making Money: Sarah Potter (Transcript)

Sarah Potter – Trading & Market Expert

My daughter just started kindergarten. So this is a really exciting time. It marks a time when me, as a parent, is going to hand my child over to this education system and hope that she learns the skills she needs to be successful in life.

I’ve only dropped her off at kindergarten, and I’m already thinking about high school. But really, when we drop off our kids at school, it kind of evokes a lot of deep philosophical reflections about what we need in order to be happy or to be successful in life and what our children will need.

Now, one of these topics is something that I know that she’s really not going to learn in school, as much as I wish she would. And oftentimes, this conversation doesn’t actually happen at home.

The topic that I want to talk to you about today is this, and specifically: “How do you make more of this?”

Now, my experience with money started very differently than most.

I was in education; I was an educational consultant, worked there for about ten years. And at the time, I was doing my Masters of Education, and I had this hobby called trading in the market.

As you can imagine, when I first started, I didn’t make a lot of this stuff. And what I decided to do when I did my Masters of Ed was apply the things I was learning about how we learn best with the skills of making money. It ended up working out really well.

I left that full-time job, and now I do this for a living, and it’s pretty fantastic. But it’s with this perspective of both education and investing that I want to talk to you about today.

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