Why Raising Your Vibration Increases Serendipity: Joanna McEwen (Transcript)

Joanna McEwen at TEDxUniversityofBrighton

Joanna McEwen – TEDx Talk TRANSCRIPT

Serendipity. What a beautiful word! – conjuring park serene sailing, with a hint of good-natured fun.

Serendipity – that chance beneficial meeting, the unexpected conversation that provides just the answer you’re looking for, the perfectly timed taxi ride that takes you past the cinema showing the film you’d be wanting to see, where you accidentally knock over somebody else’s popcorn who turns out to be the boy from school who you used to have a crush on. And guess what? A year later you’re happily married – serendipity.

So if that is serendipity in action, how does it work?


Are there higher powers directing the details of our lives? Or is it just a random coincidence of events?

Is there anything we can do to enhance the occurrences of these positive events?

It is my proposition today that whilst life throws many events our way – some positive, some challenging – we have within ourselves, the power and possibility to create an environment that enhances the probability of these fortunate events that make our lives a little more plain sailing and a lot more fun.

Before we continue, I would like to explain that I’m a qualified and experienced sound therapist. I have studied spiritual and scientific texts as they relate to sound and vibration.

Some of the things I’m going to talk about today might initially sound impossible, but I would ask you to suspend your disbelief and remember in the words of the author Paulo Coelho:

“People never learn by being told, they have to find out for themselves.”

It’s about taking my words today and relating them to your own experience, and if enough truth resonates for you, go out and experience it for yourself; find out if it holds true for you.

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To understand why I believe we are able to create and influence serendipitous events, I would like you to consider that we live in a vibrational universe; you are a vibrational being, whose cells and organs all pulsate at a particular frequency.

Our brain pulsates with electromagnetic energy, affected by our emotions, our health and our general state of well-being. Our body contracts and pulses at various rates, including your heartbeat, your stomach contracting and the very act of breathing.

Together, they make up you, a composite of frequencies, and so we each vibrate to our own personal tune. Disease, depression, negative behavior patterns – these are all symptoms of a body and mind being out of tune, quite literally.

Not only do our bodies vibrate on a cellular level, these vibrations do not end with this skin but instead, continue out into space on a vibratory continuum being connected by an energy field or a matrix of waves.

I’d like you to rub your hands together really fast and then hold them a couple of millimeters away from each other. Can you feel a slight resistance? That is energy.

Nikola Tesla said:

“If you want to find the secret of the universe, you need to think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

If an energetic force is struck at the same resonant frequency as another object in the vicinity, the vibrations will cause the second object to begin vibrating.

In terms of how you experience the world, the energy and vibration you give off is met and reflected back. We can feel this on an emotional level when we say that somebody’s on our wavelength or we feel in tune with a person or situation.


Well, if your internal vibration is one of anxiety, depression, anger, the life experience you have may very well provide you with people and situations that reflect this back at you, thereby reinforcing the feeling and so creating a circuitous, negative experience of life.

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