Adam Radly: Passion Before Motivation And Humanity Before Happiness (Transcript)

Adam Radly

Here is the full transcript of philosopher, and entrepreneur Adam Radly’s TEDx Talk: Passion Before Motivation And Humanity Before Happiness at TEDxStKilda conference. Adam Radly is the founder of Maximum Positive Impact (MPI), the world’s first open source philosophy.

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Imagine putting all of your heart and soul and energy into searching for your passion and then running into a TEDTalk with the title: Don’t search for your passion.

Why not search for it? Are the things that we’re passionate about trivial? Is a life drenched in passion just something that we see in the movies? What role does passion play in our lives?

Some people have trouble finding their passion. Later in this talk, I’ll ask a question that anyone can answer in one minute and your answer will include the things that you’re passionate about even if you have no idea what they are right now.

Now if you google passion, you’ll find people telling you to pursue it by setting a goal and taking action. And if that doesn’t work, motivate yourself. Think positively. Looks like every motivational speaker guru that we know and hate just vomited on the screen. Outdated belief systems and isolated concepts like these don’t cut it anymore.

It’s 2016 and it’s time to raise our level of thinking. I want to tell you three stories about three of my passions, not because I want to talk about what I’ve done, but because I want to talk about what I was thinking while doing it.

My first passion was entrepreneurship. In my mind, entrepreneurs were rebels and renegades that wanted to change the status quo. And I could relate, and I felt strongly about it. My first business at the age of 23 was in property development. It succeeded and then it failed. And then I had no money. Literally zero. Then I discovered that zero is not as low as you can go. So I got some credit cards and went into debt — to fund my next big idea: delivering education through this new thing called the Internet.

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This time, my company succeeded and we completed an IPO. But it was a rollercoaster ride. Friends of mine lost, I felt like I was metaphorically beaten up at least once a week and I’d lost an arm and a leg but I made it across the finish line.

The bank account that once had no money in it, now had a lot of money in it. And I was faced with that moment of truth where anyone has been in this position or imagines being in this position asks this question: has money solved all of our problems and made me happy? It solved some problems but there was still something missing.

At the same time, I was working on a project called World Reconciliation Day featuring Nelson Mandela. Told anybody that would listen that my three heroes were Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. I spent the day with Mandela. I gave a speech in front of him and two former prime ministers and a list of other important people. And thousands of people came to a concert in a football stadium.

But I recall when Mandela was answering questions from the media about his lifelong struggle for the rights of his people, it occurred to me that a lot of people think that human rights were important but didn’t actually do anything about it. So why is that?

Later that year, the stock market crashed. The value of my stock fell by 90%. So I lost a lot of money but I still had more than the zero that I started with.

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