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Home » Alibaba’s Jack Ma Reflects On 12-Year Journey at China 2.0 Conference (Transcript)

Alibaba’s Jack Ma Reflects On 12-Year Journey at China 2.0 Conference (Transcript)

Jack Ma

Jack Ma, Chairman and CEO of Alibaba Group, delivered the closing keynote address at the conference “China 2.0: Transforming Media and Commerce”, hosted by the Stanford Program on Regions of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SPRIE) at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, on Sept. 30, 2011. Below is the Edited transcript of the full speech, so entertaining, so true, so enlightening…

Introducing Speaker: It’s a great pleasure for us to give a warm welcome to Jack Ma. Thank you.

Jack Ma – Chairman and CEO of Alibaba Group (2011)

Thank you. It’s my great honor. And I was invited about months ago. And it’s — I did not expect people said this is a very sensitive time for me to talk, because about Yahoo!, about Alibaba about this and that. But a promise is a promise I come.

Today any questions you have. I will answer every question you have.

All right, so I’ve been here for 15 days and I plan to spend one year here. And nobody knows, my company did not know, that I’m going to spend a year here. Guess people ask, why you’re here? Are you ready for getting Yahoo!? No.

Everybody was very sensitive when I said I’m going to spend one year there. And I just come here, I’m tired. Too tired, in the past 16 years, I start my business. When I started in 1994, found the internet, and I got crazy about the internet, and give up my job in the teaching, and like, I call myself like a blind man, riding on the back of blind tigers, jumping around still kicking, and still surviving, and then join the government organization for 16 miles, and not successful, start Ali Baba 1999.

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