Apple iPhone 6 Keynote – September 2014 Launch Event (Full Transcript)


On September 9, 2014, Apple (AAPL)unveiled its highly anticipated products iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and a whole new category of product from Apple – Apple Watch. In this connection, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook hosted a special event held at Flint Center in Cupertino. And we produce here the full transcript of the keynote event for the benefit of all information seekers.


Tim Cook – CEO, Apple Inc.

Phil Schiller – SVP, Worldwide Marketing, Apple Inc.

Stephan Sherman – Cofounder and Chief Creative Officer, Super Evil Megacorp

Eddy Cue – SVP, Internet Software and Services, Apple Inc.

Jony Ive – SVP of Design, Apple Inc.

Kevin Lynch – Vice President, Apple Inc.

[Opening Video Presentation]


Tim Cook – CEO, Apple Inc.

Wow! Good morning. Good morning. Welcome!

Those words mean a great deal to us. They help us express just how we see things differently and we hope they mean something to all of you who also see things differently and to everyone that is striving to move the world forward.

It is great to be back in the Flint Center. As you know we are just down the road from Apple’s birthplace and home in Cupertino, and we’ve had some amazing history here. We’ve had some of the most important product introductions in Apple’s history on this stage.

On this stage 30 years ago, Steve introduced the Macintosh to the world. And on this stage, we introduced the iMac, which signaled the rebirth of Apple. Today we have some amazing products to share with you. And we think at the end of the day that you will agree that this too is a very key day for Apple.

I usually go through a few updates. But we have so much to cover today. I’m dispensing with those other than to tell you everything is great. And I am going to get started by talking about the product that has changed all of our lives and that, of course, is iPhone.

Last year, we announced two new iPhones for the very first time. These iPhones helped iPhone become the top-selling smartphone in the world. But more importantly, iPhone is the most loved phone in the world with industry-leading customer satisfaction (98%) and these iPhones, like the ones before it, have been recognized time and time again as the best phone in the world. The original iPhone set the bar for which the category would forever be defined, and for every iPhone that followed, we built on the vision of the original iPhone but pushed further and enlarged what the iPhone could be.

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Today we are launching the biggest advancement in the history of iPhone. And I couldn’t be more excited and more proud to show it to you now.

[iPhone 6 & 6 Plus– Video Presentation]

These are the new iPhones – the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. They are without a doubt the best iPhones we’ve ever done, and I hope you’ll agree that they are the best phones you have ever seen. To tell you all about them, I’d like to invite Phil Schiller up to the stage. Phil?

Phil Schiller – SVP, Worldwide Marketing, Apple Inc.

Thank you, Tim. Well, good morning everyone. And welcome back. I am honored to represent the whole team and be the one to tell you about these incredible new iPhones. Their design is like nothing ever before. Incredibly unique, from the glass front, the curves around the side to meet seamlessly with the anodized aluminum back, complete with stainless steel Apple (logo), it is truly the most beautiful phone you have ever seen.

And from the start the team has envisioned that the new iPhone 6 would come with two display sizes but not any display would do. These are our new generation retina displays. We call them Retina HD and they are by far the most beautiful displays ever built into a phone. They are new in every way. They are incredibly bright. Their colors are stunning; they are accurate, sRGB-accurate.

And across from the top to the bottom, the team has worked hard to make them the best we know how from their ion-strengthened glass all the way down to new thinner backlights. They are packed with incredible innovations. I’ll just give you one example. The LCD that displays all your beautiful colored photos is made with a technology called dual domain pixels and these pixels allow it to have a very broad angle of view with accurate colors. They are simply stunning unlike any displays ever on a phone. And yes, they are bigger. They are a lot bigger.

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Here on the left is an iPhone 5S. In the center, iPhone 6 and in the right the iPhone 6 Plus. Here you can see the difference. And if you don’t know, here is their sizes: 4.7 inch for iPhone 6, 5.5 inches for iPhone 6 Plus. And boy, are they packed with pixels.

The iPhone 6 1334 x 750, that’s more than a 720 HD display. And the iPhone 6 Plus 1920 x 1080, full 1080 display, with an even higher density. What’s remarkable is these displays packed with so many pixels. The new iPhone 6, I am sure some of you have already done the math, has over 1 million pixels. In a phone, that’s an incredible, incredible density. And the iPhone 6 Plus, over 2 million pixels, two megapixel display, is a larger, they have more than the 5S. In fact, the 6 has 38% more pixels, the 6 Plus 185% more pixels than the 5S. So huge displays packed with pixels.

But here is the real magic. They’re done in phones thinner than anything we’ve ever made. iPhone 6 is just 6.9 mm thin compared to 7.6 for the 5S and the 6 Plus by 7.1, both thinner than any phones we’ve ever made. That took an incredible amount of engineering.


So stunning displays, larger, more pixels but thinner than ever before and they are incredible at imaging all your content. The contrast is higher, the blacks are darker, the angle of view is broader, your photos look gorgeous and there is more to see on each of them.

The text is incredible too, even sharper and more of it. You can see here in the messages app, the iPhone 6 displays more than before and 6 Plus displays more and there is extra room there, so we put your friends’ faces right there front and center.

And when you turn them in landscape, we show more as well. And we took special advantage of the iPhone 6 Plus because of all those pixels to do some new things with our apps. So, for example, the messages app now has a new horizontal 2-up display. Your weather shows more of your day. Stocks, for those of you who follow stocks, you get a great horizontal view now with 2-up. Mail has 2-up, you can see your inbox and your messages. And when you bring up the keyboard in any of your apps with the iPhone 6 Plus, the keyboard takes advantage of the display area to give you some more keys, for example, dedicated keys for cut, copy, paste. There is even a new horizontal Home screen view, if you like to work this way, we did dock along the right-hand side. So we do everything to take great advantage of this huge displays and make them more capable.

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Now one of the things the team has worked on is to help you not only feel great in your hands with these phones but make it easier to use one-handed. With iOS 7 last year we introduced the new gesture – a side-swipe gesture, thinking ahead to these phones and knowing that you’d want to use them here and with the curved display that would feel really nice to slide from left to right. So, for example, if you are in Safari looking in a website you can move backwards and forwards by just swiping from the side of the display of one side and swipe back from the other side of the display. That makes so much sense in a larger display where you want to use it one-handed. This works in mail and messages and more.


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