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Billy Graham: Technology, Faith & Human Shortcomings (Transcript)

Full text of the late evangelist Billy Graham’s talk titled “Technology, Faith & Human Shortcomings” at TED conference in 1998.

Notable quote:

“If you bet on God, and open yourself to his love, you lose nothing, even if you’re wrong. But if instead you bet that there is no God, then you can lose it all, in this life and the life to come.”

Blaise Pascal

Listen to the MP3 Audio here:


Rev. Billy Graham – Evangelist

As a clergyman, you can imagine how out of place I feel. I feel like a fish out of water, or maybe an owl out of the air.

I was preaching in San Jose some time ago, and my friend Mark Kvamme, who helped introduce me to this conference, brought several CEOs and leaders of some of the companies here in the Silicon Valley to have breakfast with me, or I with them.

And I was so stimulated and had such — it was an eye-opening experience to hear them talk about the world that is yet to come through technology and science.

I know that we’re near the end of this conference, and some of you may be wondering why they have a speaker from the field of religion. Richard can answer that, because he made that decision.

But some years ago, I was on an elevator in Philadelphia, coming down. I was to address a conference at a hotel. And on that elevator a man said, “I hear Billy Graham is staying in this hotel.”

And another man looked in my direction and said, “Yes, there he is. He is on this elevator with us.”

And this man looked me up and down for about 10 seconds, and he said, “My, what an anticlimax!”

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