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Home » How to Get Healthy Without Dieting: Darya Rose (Full Transcript)

How to Get Healthy Without Dieting: Darya Rose (Full Transcript)

Darya Rose

Here is the full text of neuroscientist Darya Rose’s talk titled “How to Get Healthy Without Dieting” at TEDxSalem conference.


I started my first diet when I was eleven years old, sixth grade. I wasn’t overweight or anything close to it, but I came into the kitchen before school one morning, and my mom was making herself a chocolate milkshake for breakfast.

If you can remember being eleven, you can imagine how awesome that sounded. When she told me it was a diet shake that was supposed to help her lose weight, I thought that was even better.

Even though I was just a child, I had internalized enough of the early ’90s supermodel culture to know that being thin was a good thing.

My mom agreed to share her SlimFast with me, and 15 years later, I was still struggling every day to be happy with food and with myself.

During that time, I tried every diet that crossed my path. In high school, I wouldn’t touch a food if it had a single gram of fat.

In college, carbs were the forbidden fruit – literally. I’ve eaten more cabbage soup, grapefruit halves and boneless, skinless chicken breasts than any human ever should.

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