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It’s Not the End, It’s Just an Intermission: Cara Greene Epstein (Transcript)

Full text of writer and director Cara Greene Epstein’s talk: It’s Not the End, It’s Just an Intermission at TEDxWrigleyville conference.

Listen to the MP3 Audio here:


Cara Greene Epstein – Writer & Director

“Oh, for a muse of fire that would ascend

The brightest heaven of invention!

A kingdom for a stage, princes to act,

And monarchs to behold the swelling scene!”

Though, to be totally honest, right now, I’d settle for a real school day, a night out and a hug from a friend. I do have to admit that Wrigley Field does make a pretty awesome stage, though.

The words that I spoke at the beginning, “O for a Muse of fire,” et cetera, are Shakespeare’s. He wrote them as the opening to his play “Henry V,” and they’re are also quite likely the first words ever spoken on the stage of the Globe Theater in London, when it opened in 1599.

The Globe would go on to become the home for most of Shakespeare’s work, and from what I hear, that Shakespeare guy was pretty popular.

But despite his popularity, just four years later, in 1603, The Globe would close for an extended period of time in order to prevent the spreading and resurgence of the bubonic plague. In fact, from 1603 to 1613, all of the theaters in London were closed on and off again for an astonishing 78 months.

Here in Chicago, in 2016, new theaters were opening as well. The Steppenwolf had just opened its 1,700 theater space. The Goodman, down in the Loop, had just opened its new Center for Education and Engagement. And the Chicago Shakespeare Theater had just started construction on its newest theater space, The Yard.

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