Microsoft Build 2014 Keynote Presentation Transcript – Day 1 (Full)

This year, Build 2014, an annual developer conference held by Microsoft, was held at Moscone Center in San Francisco from April 2 to April 4, 2014. Here is the Day 1 full keynote presentation of Build 2014 conference. 


Operator: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Executive Vice President, Operating Systems Group Terry Myerson.

Terry Myerson – Executive Vice President, Operating Systems

Good morning everyone. Good morning. Welcome to Build 2014. You know, just yesterday I was looking online and looked at Wikipedia, and I realized that it was 22 years ago that right here in Moscone Center, we had our first Microsoft developers conference. This is just an amazing tradition that we are all part of here today.

And so I asked myself what is the right way to kick off this conference. You know, I considered coming out chanting developers, developers, developers. For those of you that know me I would kind of like to do something like that. But it’s been done.

So then I considered coming out dressed like Scott Guthrie. But red is just not my color. So then I just decided to just be simple and straight and say, what motivates me and what motivates everyone you’re going to hear from today and everyone else that works in the platform teams at Microsoft, or contributes to the Microsoft platform is making your creativity come to life.

Every day we’re thinking how are we going to enable our developers to build the richest applications, to reach their customers in every corner of the globe whether they’re at home or at work or in their garage.

So who is here with us today? I mean this is just an incredibly impressive and diverse group. We look at the surveys you filled out on registration. And we know that some of the most impressive line of business applications have been built by the people in this room. Some of the most entertaining and fun games have been built by people in this room. Some of the most powerful web services on the Internet are represented here and everything in between, and online we’re expecting viewers from over 170 countries to join us. And something that I think that is just incredibly cool. Using our public translation APIs, everything we say on stage here today is going to be translated in real time for that online audience. So I think that’s pretty sleek.

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Now without further ado, I figure we should just get started. So let’s kick off Build 2014.

[Video Presentation]

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Corporate Vice President, Operating Systems Group, Joe Belfiore.

Joe Belfiore – Corporate Vice President, Operating Systems

Good morning. Thank you. Good morning everyone. Welcome to Build. We’re obviously very excited to have you here in San Francisco. And just as the video said, your fans are waiting. And we were kidding about that. We think these are your fans because really it’s all of you that built value and created ton of what’s superb about the Windows ecosystem.

So I am Joe Belfiore. I’m now running a group for PC, tablet and phone within our operating systems team and it’s a great honor for me to be here and spend about the next 50 minutes with you, talking about some major updates for Windows.

In fact, today we’re announcing two things. Windows Phone 8.1 and our Windows 8.1 update. So I am going to start out by taking you through Windows Phone 8.1.

With Windows Phone, we set out to create an experience that’s inspired by people. One… an experience that gets you closer to the things and people that matter most in your life, one that’s a little bit less like technology and a lot more about you. And that’s why we believe that Windows Phone is the world’s most personal smartphone.

Now, with Windows Phone 8.1, this story gets a lot better. And that’s through not just a bunch of the software work that we’ve done, but also the wider range of hardware that you’re going to see showing up with Windows Phone 8.1.

At Mobile World Congress, we announced a range of new hardware partners that were all working on new phones. And in fact, today, we’re announcing two additional partners: Micromax and Prestigio.

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Now, these companies are building phones, working with Qualcomm and with us through our reference design program, which is a lot of work that we’ve done in conjunction with Qualcomm to make it way easier and less expensive for companies to bring up new Windows Phone devices.

And at Mobile World Congress, we talked about the partners that were working on this, but we didn’t show any phones. And so I thought today we would bring a couple of new phones on stage here.

So what I have here in my left hand, Micromax, and in my right hand, Prestigio. So these are their real phones under development. These companies have worked with Qualcomm and with Longcheer Longcheer is an OEM that’s a device manufacturing partner. And these phones are up and running with Live Tiles and the software is in good shape and well underway. And you can expect to see all of these companies making progress on their engineering with Windows Phones to see that wide range of phone hardware.

Now, I know one of the things that you’re all really interested in is getting a good look at the software. So let’s get to a demo of Windows Phone 8.1 software.

Okay, let me see here. All right. Now, I want to start out by showing you a few ways that we’ve made Windows Phone 8.1 more personal, more sort of tailored to the way you use the phone and better at expressing your personality.

The first thing I want to show is a way that we’ve tuned Windows Phone to help make you more efficient and give you a customized way to connect to the apps that maybe you haven’t pinned, and get some notifications about things that are happening, as well as get quick access to settings.

So I’m going to come up here and pull down from the top and show you our new action center in Windows Phone 8.1. Yes, thank you.

We know this is something that a lot of our users have been asking for, so here it is. And if you look down from the top, the first thing you’ll see is it shows you more detail about things like your actual battery percentage.

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If I had dual SIM running on my phone… woops, I think I pulled the power cord out there. If I had dual SIM running on my phone, I’d see information about both of my SIMs with their name.

Up here, you’d see these four buttons are customizable quick settings. I can set whatever I would like. And down below are the notifications coming from all my apps.

And as app developers, we’re putting you in a position to really control what’s shown in those notifications through new APIs that give you control. And the user has great control as well because they can decide which apps should cause the phone to vibrate, or make a sound, or just show up in the action center and so on.

So as you see, I brought this down over the lock screen. It’s accessible wherever you are in the UI, really very convenient.

Now, the second thing we’ve done to make Windows Phone feel even more personal is a feature that lets you greatly personalize your lock screen. And I’m pretty sure this is something that none of you have seen before.

In Windows Phone 8, we had support for applications to set a background image behind lock. But in Windows Phone 8.1, we’ve implemented a new set of APIs for the lock screen which we’re using ourselves for a little while before we publish them all to you.

These APIs enable lock-screen experiences that are highly interactive and unique where the application can take over full control and really render whatever it would like.

As the first app to use these, we’ve been collaborating with Rudy Huyn. Do you all know Rudy Huyn? Star Windows Phone developer behind Wikipedia and 6Tag and 6Chat. And he’s been working with us to build out a first experience which we, Microsoft, are going to publish in the store in the coming months to give users a wide range of highly varied lock-screen themes.

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