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Home » Samsung CEO Boo-Keun Yoon IFA 2014 Opening Keynote Speech – Home of the Future (Transcript)

Samsung CEO Boo-Keun Yoon IFA 2014 Opening Keynote Speech – Home of the Future (Transcript)

Boo-Keun Yoon

Samsung CEO Boo-Keun Yoon in his IFA 2014 keynote address discusses future of Smart Home. This is the full transcript of the full speech… The event took place from September 05 to 10, 2014 in Berlin.


Jens Heithecker – IFA Executive Director

Lucy Alexandar – IFA

Boo-Keun Yoon – Present and CEO, Samsung

Ken Larson – MIT Media Lab

Alex Hopkinson – CEO, SmartThings

Jens Heithecker – IFA Executive Director

Good morning. Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Warm welcome to IFA. Warm welcome to the IFA international keynotes. For those in the audience who missed the IFA press conference, I have only two statements today.

2014 IFA celebrates its 90th anniversary in its best shape ever. Never before in IFA’s history have IFA attracted so many exhibitors. And today IFA is worldwide, the largest meeting point for all the international experts, for the invitees, international press of the consumer electronics and home appliance industry. IFA was founded in 1924, much younger is Samsung, it was founded in 1969 and I remember well the very first time my first meeting with Samsung at IFA 2001. We were talking about the future of the show, the future of the industry and of course we were talking about the future of Samsung.

At that time in 2001, Samsung acquired a booth of merely 800 square meters but I learned about the ambitious aim to get the number one position, to get the number one position in all relevant markets. What happened afterwards, you’ve already known it. Samsung has become one of the most important exhibitors and partner of IFA. And I would like to take this time to thank you for the long-term partnership.

This year IFA has a landmark, our new exhibition and conference hall, CityCube that you’re sitting here in right now. For Samsung and IFA, this new landmark leads to the next higher level and we are deeply impressed by the new exhibition of Samsung in this new CityCube. And this I call it a real housewarming party. And so it’s only fitting that Samsung will open our international keynote stage in the CityCube here today.

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And it’s our honor that the keynote will be delivered by one of the most influential, most powerful and most successful leaders in our industry and that we have the opportunity to share Samsung visions and ambitions for the future. I wish you all a successful IFA and now please enjoy Samsung’s presentation. Thank you.

Lucy Alexandar – IFA

Good morning ladies and gentlemen and welcome to IFA here in Berlin. This show has always been about innovation and you will have understood that better than Albert Einstein. He spoke here as we heard 84 years ago, August 1930, the opening of what was then known as the Grosse Deutsche Funk-Ausstellung – the German Radio Show. Today, as we know, it’s IFA.

Now Einstein talked about innovation, especially the invention of the radio and how it would affect society. And at the time the radio was still a fairly new thing. In fact, then Einstein called on the public to appreciate that value of innovation and understand how dramatically it really could change our lives, how little and yet how much have changed. Yes, the tinkering of scientists can still drive innovation but really true innovation today is centered on humans. It’s focused on their behavior, their passions and their needs. And that is what makes innovation meaningful, how it transforms our lives and the way we live.

And as we’re about to hear and see that most dramatic change is yet to come.

[Video Presentation]

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage President and CEO of Samson Electronics Mr. BK Yoon.

Boo-Keun Yoon – Present and CEO, Samsung

Guten Morgen. Good morning. It’s great to be back here at IFA. This show always reminds us how much technology has improved our way of living at an amazing speed and beyond recognition. Remember it was in 1882 that the first light bulbs lit our homes. Soon electricity brought us not just bright light but also power and the first electric appliances.

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Look at the difference they have made. What would you do without refrigerator or washing machine? Radio and television also revolutionized our world, setting popular culture and the mass communication. Digital technology brought next wave of innovation. Computers and mobile devices, they made us more productive and more connected than ever.

Today technology continues to develop at lightning speed. Connectivity will soon be truly seamless. Sensors and devices are linking up to share information. They become context-aware connect the dots and make our lives truly smart. The data this produces will give us all powerful insights to work smarter and to live better.

Taken together it will trigger a quantum leap of innovation. I am certain that it will touch every industry, every company, every job. Just think how will it affect you and your family? The biggest change, the biggest transformation it will happen in our homes, it will come at a speed we can barely imagine. And actually it’s started and it’s giving us new habits. All this, it’s changing our expectations of what technology can do for our 3homes.

Most importantly, though, the technology we see in our home today, it’s only the beginning. The change here will be much, much more dramatic. That’s why today I want to talk to you about Samsung vision for the Home of the Future.

When we talk about bringing the future to our homes, I need to make one key point. In our industry, we often get very excited about technical details. They are not that important. I think it’s time for a reality check. Let’s take a look.

[Video Presentation]

So you have just heard it. It’s obvious really technology must not be overwhelming. It must fit into people’s lifestyles. It must anticipate and meet their needs. Nothing else is important. Of course, these needs develop all the time. That’s because of changes in our culture, society and environment.

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Earlier this year at CES in Las Vegas, I spoke about four megatrends shaping our world. First, connectivity which brings us together, which empowers us. Second, urbanization – our cities are growing and as they do so, they need to get smarter and our homes need to adapt to high-density living. Third, technology can help people to live more comfortable, independent lives in their old age. And fourth, there are new risks from disease, climate change and war. These mega-trends are changing the world and they make new demands on our homes. That’s why we want our homes to do more than ever before.

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