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Home » How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over by Mel Robbins (Transcript)

How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over by Mel Robbins (Transcript)

Mel Robbins

Full text and summary of Mel Robbins’ talk titled “How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over” at TEDxSF conference.

Listen to the audio version here:


Mel Robbins – Relationship Expert, Author, Radio Host, Life Coach

Bigger welcome! Hello, San Francisco! TEDx – oh my God, blinding light!

Hi, everybody! How are you? Fine?! Oh my gosh! Okay, so…

My name is Mel Robbins, and for the last 17 years, I have done nothing but help people get everything that they want. Within reason! My husband’s here. So, I’ve done it in the courtroom, in the boardroom, in the bedroom, in people’s living room, whatever room you want to be in, if I’m there, I will help you get whatever you want by any means necessary.

For the last three years – I host a syndicated radio show. Five days a week, I go live in 40 cities and I talk to men and women across America who feel stuck. Do you know that a third of Americans feel dissatisfied with their lives right now? That is a 100 million people! That’s insane! And I’ve come face to face with it in this new show that I’m doing, which is also insane, it’s called “In-laws”. I move in with families across America – You guessed it! – who are at war with their in-laws.

We move them into the same house, I verbally assassinate everybody, we open up Pandora’s box, and I get people to stop arguing about the donuts and who is hosting Thanksgiving dinner, and talk about the real stuff. And that’s what I want to talk to you about. I’m here for you.

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