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Home » The Essence of Terrible Parenting: Stephanie Davies-Arai (Transcript)

The Essence of Terrible Parenting: Stephanie Davies-Arai (Transcript)

Transcript of JBP Podcast titled ‘THE ESSENCE OF TERRIBLE PARENTING’ with Stephanie Davies-Arai. In this episode, Dr Jordan B Peterson and Stephanie Davies-Arai discuss parenting and the pitfalls of compassion when linked to trans ideology.  


JORDAN B PETERSON: Hello, everyone watching or listening on YouTube or associated podcasts or on the Dailyware Plus platform. I have the privilege today of speaking to Stephanie Davies-Arai. She is a decorated author and the founder as well as the director of Transgender Trend, a UK-based organization that has been perpetually under fire by leftist activists simply for advocating for evidence-based health care when it comes to gender dysphoric children.

She’s also the author of Communicating with Kids, a book published in 2015. Based on her background training teachers and providing parental support, Davies-Arai is also notable for being an intervener in the high court during the landmark case Bell v. Tavistock, which concluded that persons under 18 cannot consent to puberty blockers.


So, Stephanie, I was reading your book today, 2015 book Communicating with Children, and I thought maybe I could playfully put you on the spot. In my first book, 12 Rules for Life, my first popular book, I have a chapter entitled, DON’T LET YOUR CHILDREN DO ANYTHING THAT MAKES YOU DISLIKE THEM.

And so what I thought I’d ask you, given that you wrote this book detailing out different means of communicating with children, developing a philosophy of communication with children, I’m kind of wondering what you think of that rule. How does that strike you? Don’t let your children do anything that makes you dislike them.

STEPHANIE DAVIES-ARAI: I love that you started with that, because that’s the bit in your book which I’ve read that jumped out at me because that’s what I say to parents. Of course, you love your children to bits. You’d die for them, but do you like them? Because that’s really important in day-to-day living.

But the other thing I say is that it’s not only important that you like your own kids, but that other parents do and other people outside, because otherwise your kids are going to have a really hard time, and you’re not going to be doing them a favour if you bring them up to be unpopular with other kids’ parents, because they’re going to depend on them.

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