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Home » Tony Robbins: How To Train Your Brain To Stay Focused (Transcript)

Tony Robbins: How To Train Your Brain To Stay Focused (Transcript)

Tony Robbins

Here is the full transcript and summary of Tony Robbins’s talk titled “How To Train Your Brain To Stay Focused.” 

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Tony Robbins – Author & Life coach

Today’s whole program is based on the power of focus. We, if you recall, in our last session, we’re talking about how to really direct our states of mind and emotion. 

We said that everything that we really want in our lives, no matter what it is, whether it be family or friends or relationship or money or business success or acknowledgement, all those things, the only reason we want them is what we think we’ll get out of them which is a state change, a certain level of feeling within ourselves.

We also found out in our last tape that all emotions, every feeling we have is the result of how we use our body. That emotions literally are nothing but physiological storms in our brains, if you will. And that we learn that by using our bodies in certain ways, by using our voice, our gestures, our breathing, our facial expressions, we could radically change our states. And we also talked about the idea, if you recall, of measuring our states.

Where are we on a scale from zero to 10? 10 being absolutely empowered, unstoppable, passionate, zero being dead, and noticing are we at the appropriate level for what we want to accomplish? And that for most cases, not all in life, but most, wouldn’t it be nice to live at level eight, nine or 10 or above on a consistent basis? How much more juice would you have?

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