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Doron Almog: The Greatest Teacher of My Life at TEDxTelAviv (Transcript)

Doron Almog

Here is the full transcript of Doron Almog’s TEDx Talk: The Greatest Teacher of My Life at TEDxTelAviv conference.

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Doron Almog – Former Major General (Israel Defense Forces)

What is the parents’ dream?

If I asked you to choose two words describing the parents’ dream, I believe most of you would say, “A healthy child.”

When we, on our cell phone, show pictures of a successful child, as a matter of fact, we speak about ourselves, because who made him? It’s the extension of our own ego.

Our second child was born in 1984. We gave him the name of my brother that was killed in the war, and expected him to be better than us; more successful, more talented. A source of pride.

At the age of eight months, he was diagnosed – Didi, my wife and me were told by the psychologist, “Your son has a combination of autism and retardation. Probably he will never speak. Probably he will mentally, stay as a child forever.” That was a shock.

The sky fell on our head. The parents’ dream became broken parents’ dream. How do we continue managing our life if our son has no future at all? This son, all his life, has never said one word. Never said, (Hebrew) “Abba,” Dad; never said, (Hebrew) “Eema,” Mum; never made eye contact. He was the greatest professor of my life. He told me…

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