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Rana Daggubati: Redefining Storytelling at TEDxHyderabad (Transcript)

Rana Daggubati

Here is the full transcript of actor Rana Daggubati’s TEDx Talk: Redefining Storytelling at TEDxHyderabad.

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Rana Daggubati – Indian actor

So before I begin, I’ll give you a little disclaimer of how I actually grew up and what the movies mean to me. When I was a young kid, I thought Mahatma Gandhi was someone who looked like Ben Kingsley, and I thought Adolf Hitler was a look-alike of Charlie Chaplin.

So, from here on you decide if you want to take me seriously or not, because that’s how I grew up. You can either think this guy loves the movies, and he’s here, and he’s continuing to work here, or you could think that I was a dumb kid in school who just went to the movies.

So let me tell you how it all started, not for me but for the world itself. We all know the times of kings, where kings governed everything, but the kings had something very very special. They wanted to showcase culture to the world, to the neighboring kingdoms.

So who is showcasing culture? Artists were showcasing culture. Dancers, musicians, poets, people with great literary works, and then what happened? The kings disappeared, and we lived in the world of democracy. I’m sure life is better but not so good for the artists at that point because all of you guys weren’t paying money to the artists.

And it all started in about 1894, when these two fine gentlemen, the Lumiere brothers, discovered something called cinema, where you projected a moving image from film onto a big screen, and there was a lot of public gathering. That’s when the artists found their space again.

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