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Top 3 Parenting MISTAKES (DO THIS to RAISE Healthy KIDS!: Dr. Becky Kennedy (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of The School of Greatness podcast episode titled “Parent Psychologist REVEALS Top 3 Parenting MISTAKES (DO THIS to RAISE Healthy KIDS!) ” with Dr. Becky Kennedy.

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LEWIS HOWES: Welcome back, everyone, to the School of Greatness. Very excited about our guest. We have the inspiring Dr. Becky in the house. Good to see you. Welcome.

DR. BECKY KENNEDY: Thanks for having me.

LEWIS HOWES: Very excited. I don’t have kids, but I feel like I had a struggling childhood. And I love my parents, but I also know that they could have done some things differently. And I think there’s probably a lot of us in the world who are thinking, “I love and appreciate a lot about my parents, but they might have also done some messed up things.”

And if we can start to do our own healing journey and start to reflect that, okay, maybe they just didn’t have the tools, they didn’t know any better. Hopefully they had the best intentions. And we can try to have some compassion for our parents as adults. Then there’s some more integration and healing that I think allows us for us as we grow up, right?

However, how do we learn to make sure we raise good human beings without messing them up when we haven’t been taught how to be good parents? And to add to that question, is it possible to raise a child that is not traumatized in some way, no matter how good we try to raise them?

Parenting is the Most Important and Challenging Job

DR. BECKY KENNEDY: I’m going to try to answer all that. You’ll let me know which part of the question I lose as we go. So what you started with just resonates with me so strongly and I think it really is the reason I get out of bed every morning, right?

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