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Home » David Horsager on What’s Trust Got to Do With It? At TEDxUMN (Transcript)

David Horsager on What’s Trust Got to Do With It? At TEDxUMN (Transcript)

David Horsager at TEDxUMN

David Horsager, the author of The Trust Edge talks on What’s Trust Got to Do With It? at TEDxUMN.

Listen to the MP3 Audio here: What’s trust got to do with it by David Horsager at TEDxUMN


Today’s newspapers, and what do the headlines have in common? One thing, trust.

Can we trust the officers? Can we trust the prosecutors? Can we trust turkey is safe in Minnesota, to eat? Can we trust that Democrats, and Republicans will work together to make this budget deal? Can we trust Iran means what they say? Can we trust big business? What’s trust got to do with it? Everything.

Today, I want you to think bigger about trust, and the impact of trust. You know, my kids understand trust. Public restroom, the stall was not available, but as you can see, they trust each other. Every mom in here is thinking: “That boy on the bottom better wash his hands.”

Everything is built on trust, from financial institutions, to personal relationships, everything, and yet we can think we know it all about trust. Do we really, or is it more complex than we might think? You know, we can sometimes think it takes a long time to build trust, and yet in a crisis like 9/11, strangers trusted each other in moments.

A leader can think: “We’ve got to extend more trust. The more we extend, the more we’ll get out of our team.” Unless they extend too much. I hear it all the time today. “People trust the transparent, you’ve got to have transparency, you’ve got to show everything,” and yet confidentiality is also trusted.

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