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Home » Evan Marc Katz: No More Bad Dates at TEDxStJohns (Full Transcript)

Evan Marc Katz: No More Bad Dates at TEDxStJohns (Full Transcript)

Evan Marc Katz

Dating coach Evan Marc Katz presents No More Bad Dates at TEDxStJohns conference (Transcript)

Listen to the MP3 Audio here: no-more-bad-dates-by-evan-marc-katz-at-tedxstjohns

Evan Marc Katz – Dating coach

Ask a stranger: What do you think of online dating? What are they going to tell you? ‘I hate online dating. Online dating sucks. Men suck, women suck, profile suck. Everybody is stupid, everybody lies. Guys were in such a rush to meet. Nobody has anything interesting to say’. This is the going wisdom about online dating evidently.

Now I understand that. I will acknowledge that. I dated online for many years. I am a dating coach. So I understand. At the same time, complaining that online dating sucks is kind of like complaining that the gym is not helping you lose weight. I mean, it’s not the gym’s job. Think about it. Some gyms have better equipment, some gyms have better classes. But ultimately whether you lose weight is not up to the gym, it’s you — how often do you work out, how effectively, how intensely do you work out?

So as we frame today’s discussion, I just want you to consider not what’s wrong with online dating, which is valid, but rather what am I doing to yield the best possible results in online dating. That’s what we can control.

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