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Home » Intel CEO Brian Krzanich at CES 2017 Press Conference (Full Transcript)

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich at CES 2017 Press Conference (Full Transcript)

Brian Krzanich

Transcript: Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich showcases Project Alloy, live VR demos and more at CES 2017 Press Conference. This event occurred on January 4 this year at Las Vegas.

Speakers at the event:

Laura Anderson – Intel Corporate Communications

Brian Krzanich – CEO, Intel Corp.

Ted Schilowitz – Co-founder of HypeVR


Listen to the MP3 Audio here: Intel CEO Brian Krzanich at CES 2017 Press Conference


Introducing speaker: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Laura Anderson, Intel Corporate Communications.

Laura Anderson – Intel Corporate Communications

Good afternoon and welcome to Intel’s CES press day — presentation. We’re really excited to have you guys here today. For the next 45 minutes, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich is going to take immersive in a series of live and pre-recorded virtual reality experiences. This is the most unique and technically complex event we have ever held. So if you end up — if you have experienced any technical problems during the event, please raise your hand and we do have helpers who will come and assist you.

But before we get started, I want to take you through a few last-minute logistical reminders. First, please turn off the ringers to your phones. Second, right after this event we’re going to post a bunch of information, high-resolution photos and videos to Intel’s newsroom. And we’ll be posting additional photos and videos through the evening, including a replay of the live stream. So and last, we’ve got a lot of cables on the ground especially when you guys finish up the event and you’ve had your headsets on, so please take care when you leave and please refrain from moving around the room during the event, just as a safety precaution. As I mentioned we will have a lot of photos available on our newsroom for your use after the event.

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