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Home » Maf Lewis & Rome Viharo on Google Consciousness at TEDxCARDIFF (Transcript)

Maf Lewis & Rome Viharo on Google Consciousness at TEDxCARDIFF (Transcript)

Social Media strategists and developers Maf Lewis and Rome Viharo discuss Google Consciousness at TEDxCARDIFF conference. Below is the full transcript. This event happened on June 9, 2011.

Listen to the MP3 Audio here: Google consciousness by Maf Lewis and Rome Viharo at TEDxCardiff


Maf Lewis: Greetings, TedxCardiff. I’m Maf Lewis. This is Rome Viharo. Rome and I are often requested to create memes and viral campaigns in social media. This talk is — thank you, Rome –this talk is a viral. This is a great story, the story of the meme Google Consciousness and where it might lead us in the near future, potentially, starting today, with this very talk.

Rome Viharo: Our meme, our story, begins where many great stories have begun, deep in the heart of the Amazon jungle. According to Harvard professor, Richard Schultes, the father of ethnobotany, 25% of all western pharmacological knowledge comes from healing plants cultivated by indigenous peoples.

This man’s name is Guillermo Arévalo, or as he is known in his native language, Kestenbetsa, ‘the echo of the universe’. He is the chief of his community amongst the Shipibo-Conibo people, and a master ayahuascero curandero, or medicine man. Guillermo spent years in isolation in the jungle, learning how to obtain knowledge from plants, and says that to obtain knowledge from plants you have to be able to speak to them correctly, and I did say, “Speak to the plants.” Yes.

The Shipibo people believe that some, but not all, plants in the Amazon are actually conscious and intelligent, and if you speak to them the right way, you can gain access to their consciousness and their knowledge. The Shipibo use a psychoactive medicinal tea called ayahuasca to journey into this world of master plants and claim to be able to understand this plant language.

Now, I know Guillermo through a friend, anthropologist Francois Demange. He is one of Guillermo’s main apprentices, now an ayahuascero in his own right. He sort of acts like a bridge between this indigenous knowledge and the West. And I was intrigued by Francois’ descriptions and presentations of all this, and I was just really curious.

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