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Home » Megan Washington: Why I Live in Mortal Dread of Public Speaking (Full Transcript)

Megan Washington: Why I Live in Mortal Dread of Public Speaking (Full Transcript)

Megan Washington

Megan Washington – TRANSCRIPT

I didn’t know when I agreed to do this whether I was expected to talk or to sing. But when I was told that the topic was language, I felt that I had to speak about something for a moment.

I have a problem. It’s not the worst thing in the world. I’m fine. I’m not on fire. I know that other people in the world have far worse things to deal with, but for me, language and music are inextricably linked through this one thing.

And the thing is that I have a stutter. It might seem curious given that I spend a lot of my life on the stage. One would assume that I’m comfortable in the public sphere and comfortable here, speaking to you guys. But the truth is that I’ve spent my life up until this point and including this point, living in mortal dread of public speaking. Public singing, whole different thing. But we’ll get to that in a moment.

I’ve never really talked about it before so explicitly. I think that that’s because I’ve always lived in hope that when I was a grown-up, I wouldn’t have one. I sort of lived with this idea that when I’m grown, I’ll have learned to speak French, and when I’m grown, I’ll learn how to manage my money, and when I’m grown, I won’t have a stutter, and then I’ll be able to public speak and maybe be the prime minister and anything’s possible and, you know. So I can talk about it now because I’ve reached this point, where — I mean, I’m 28. I’m pretty sure that I’m grown now. And I’m an adult woman who spends her life as a performer, with a speech impediment. So, I might as well come clean about it.

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