Sami Moukaddem on Living with Depression and Suicidal Feelings (Full Transcript)

Sami Moukaddem

Here is the full transcript of Living with Depression and Suicidal Feelings by Sami Moukaddem at TEDxLAU

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So I am five years old. I am standing on the balcony, 7th floor, and I am calculating. When I went to my grandmother and asked her, “What happens when people die?”

She says, “Nothing; everything goes black”.

So being practical, I went to my bedroom, lied on my bed, closed my eyes. And 10 minutes later, I started to cry, because I felt myself in darkness. I cried because I lost the option of not existing because that’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to not exist anymore.

Now things got better, much better. And by the age of 13, I was praying and I had an amazing experience where my chest just opened, and I felt this love for the whole world. It’s like a state of bliss, and it lasted for about two months. Literally, I felt love for everything around me, rocks, whatever. I had been reading about a serial killer. There is love coming. It’s strange.

But then something weird happened. It’s like a light bulb that just got an extra bit of light and it popped. And I fell in a hole inside myself and that’s the beginning of depression.

By the time I was 18, I had just moved to Ireland, and just like the practical 5 years old, I felt OK. I don’t want to exist anymore. So here is the plan. I’m going to try to not commit suicide because friends and family would hurt. So I’m going to try to work on myself as much as I can. And if I can’t, then I’ll leave this place.

So, I went into psychology. As a DIY job, I wanted to work on myself. 9 years later, I came out with 3 Masters. And I ended up working in the field of trauma — somehow, extreme trauma, like sexual abuse and victims of torture. It took me 30 years, from my first fall, for the suicidal feelings to stop. And I would consider myself no longer depressed, although I do get depressed, but it’s due to life circumstances.

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In my case, I don’t see it in terms of a mental illness. I see it as more of a physical illness, and an ailment of the soul and the psyche. In my situation, I was clear that there was trauma in my childhood. So I decided I was going to approach it through psychology work and not take drugs.

Now, I’m saying this because not all depression is the same. And some of the approaches that I applied on myself are actually not appropriate and even dangerous in other situations. I am not against medication. By the end of this talk, in about 12 minutes, 24 people throughout the world will have committed suicide. That’s just the statistics. That’s one in every 30 seconds.

Now there’s a lot of misconceptions about suicide and depression. And they make things much worse. For example, one of the things that I had to deal with is this attitude of why don’t you snap out of it? That’s like looking at a homeless person and saying: Why don’t you get rich?

My brother admitted to me just recently. He said, “You know, I know it sounds stupid now but when we were kids, I used to think that you chose depression because you used to listen to sad music”. Now, had he said it to me at the time, I wouldn’t have had the language to say to him, “You know, AC/DC and Van Halen, they do work but not all the time. And when they don’t work, I’m lonelier”. What I need is something that reflects my state in the outside world. So there is two of us — two miseries.

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