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The Key to Transforming Yourself by Robert Greene (Full Transcript)

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Robert Greene

The following is the full transcript of Robert Greene’s talk: The Key to Transforming Yourself at TEDxBrixton.

Listen to the MP3 Audio here: The key to transforming yourself by Robert Greene at TEDxBrixton

Robert Greene – Author, The 48 Laws of Power

After the publication of my first book The 48 Laws of Power, I began to receive requests for advice from people in every conceivable profession and at every level of experience.

Over the years I have now personally consulted with over hundred different people. And in so many of the cases, they would — the following scenario would play itself out. They would come to me with a specific problem. A boss from hell, a business relationship that had gone — turned ugly, a promotion that never came. I would slowly direct their attention away from the boss and the job, and instead get them to search inside themselves, and try to find the emotional root of their discontent.

Often as we talked it out, they would realize that at their core they felt deeply frustrated, their creativity was not being realized, their career had somehow taken a wrong turn. What they actually wanted was something larger, a real and substantial change in their careers and in their lives.

It would be at this point that I would tell them a story about myself, about my own peculiar path to change and transformation from a highly unsuccessful writer eking out an existence in a small one bedroom apartment in Santa Monica, to bestselling author seemingly overnight. I have never publicly related this story before but for this very special occasion, my first TED talk, I thought I would share it with you, because it’s actually very relevant to this subject of change.

The story goes like this. I had known since [age] that I wanted to become a writer. I just couldn’t figure out what I wanted to write. Perhaps it was novels or essays or plays. After University I drifted into journalism as a way to at least make a living while writing.

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Then one day after several years of working as a writer and editor, I was having lunch with a man who had just edited an article I had written for a magazine. After downing his third martini, this editor, an older man, finally admitted to me why he had asked me to lunch. “You should seriously consider a different career,” he told me. “You are NOT writer material. Your work is too undisciplined. Your style is too bizarre. Your ideas — they’re just not relatable to the average reader. Go to law school, Robert. Go to business school. Spare yourself the pain”.

At first these words were like a punch in the stomach. But in the months to come, I realized something about myself. I had entered a career that just didn’t really suit me mostly as a way to make a living. And my work reflected this in compatibility. I had to get out of journalism. This realization initiated a period of wandering in my life. I traveled all across Europe. I worked every conceivable job. I did construction work in Greece, taught English in Barcelona, worked as a hotel receptionist in Paris, a tour guide in Dublin, served as a trainee for an English company making television documentaries, living not far from here in Brixton.

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