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Home » Transcript: 6 Secrets to Learning Faster, Backed by Neuroscience w/ Lila Landowski

Transcript: 6 Secrets to Learning Faster, Backed by Neuroscience w/ Lila Landowski

Here is the transcript and summary of neuroscientist Lila Landowski’s TEDx Talk titled ‘BRAIN HACK: 6 SECRETS TO LEARNING FASTER, BACKED BY NEUROSCIENCE’ at TEDxHobart conference. In this talk, Dr Lila Landowski explains the methods which can be used to allow us to learn faster. 

Listen to the MP3 Audio here:


Dr Lila Landowski – Neuroscientist

I’m angry. And I’m angry because I wish I knew this when I was younger. So I’m a neuroscientist and a lecturer.

And as a neuroscientist, I study the brain and the nerves that span out into the body. And as a lecturer, I teach the next generation of healthcare professionals.

And look, I see some students struggle with their learning, especially the older ones, but it’s not their fault. You know, we don’t get taught how to learn. We just kind of expect it to happen. And I think the worst curse of all, really, is it gets harder to learn as we age.

But what if I told you that there are things that we can do to learn faster and more effectively? I’m going to take you through the neuroscience behind six critical ingredients that can help you learn faster: Attention, alertness, sleep, repetition, breaks, and mistakes.

Now first things first, WELL, HOW DO WE ACTUALLY LEARN?

We need neuroplasticity to happen. So neuroplasticity is the scientific term that essentially means our brain’s ability to physically change in response to experience. So when we’re learning something, whether it’s learning information or learning a skill, tiny little connections called synapses form between neighboring neurons in the brain.

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