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Home » Why Do We Ask Questions? By Michael “Vsauce” Stevens (Transcript)

Why Do We Ask Questions? By Michael “Vsauce” Stevens (Transcript)

Michael “Vsauce” Stevens

Title: Michael “Vsauce” Stevens on Why do we ask questions? – Transcript

Speaker: Michael Stevens – YouTube educator

Venue: TEDxVienna conference on November 2, 2013 at Volkstheater Wien, Vienna, Austria.

Listen to the MP3 Audio here: MP3 – Why do we ask questions by Michael Vsauce Stevens at TEDxVienna


What is the best kind of cheese to use to catch a bear? Someone knows over here. Obviously the answer is Camembert. Camembert! Camembert!

Okay. Thank you. I have a head full of cheese puns but I was told I have to keep it brief.

What did the piece of cheese say when it looked into the mirror?

[Audience: Cheese]

No. It said, hello me, hello me. What can I say guys I love a good pun? Why, I don’t know because puns are funny, right?

Why? Well, because there’s a bit of a surprise factor. You know, you feel outsmarted for a second until you get the double meaning.

Why? I don’t — because that’s the way language works.

Okay. I did what these slides are doing. They are playing the why game, right, where you just keep asking why, why but why after everything someone says. Kids do it all of the time and adults should do it more often. I’m just kidding. Don’t, it’s annoying.

You can ask why over and over and over again forever even if one day we explain every physical interaction and scientific law and hope and dream and regret with a single elegant equation. You could still ask why. Why that equation? Why doesn’t the universe operate with some different equation? So, yes, the why game is irritating, it’s annoying and it’s what I do for a living.

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