Ashley Clift-Jennings: Have You Met Your Soul Mate? at TEDxUniversityofNevada (Transcript)

Ashley Clift-Jennings

Here is the full transcript of entrepreneur Ashley Clift-Jennings’ TEDx Talk presentation: Have You Met Your Soul Mate? at TEDxUniversityofNevada conference.

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Well, hello. So I’m going to start with just asking you guys a really simple question that may take a little bit longer than two seconds to answer: Have you ever personally met your soul mates? I hear some yeses, not reallys. Yeah, they’re pretty hard to come by, right?

So now think about what made that person your soul mate? Was it the way they looked? Was it the career that they had? Was it the way that they connected with your soul? Was it the fact that they were also in the same religion? There’s a million different reasons, right, why we feel connected to another person in that deep way.

So I grew up in a Christian environment and I was dead set on finding my soul mate. So I knew I wasn’t going to find this person in a bar or at a club. I knew this person had to have really high character, had to have respect for women, had to be good-looking, and had to love me for who I was, because I am kind of a unique character.

So I went along life, went to an Ivy League school, played soccer, achieved whatever I could achieve and grass fed at that moment. But one thing that always lingered is that I really wanted to find this one thing, which was my soul mate. So I’m like 24, 25 years old and by this time in the Christian community it’s like your eggs are probably getting like cobwebby. Now we think 25, that’s not too old but back then I felt old.

So one night I was browsing on the internet and then I’m really into the Myers-Briggs personality test. So I was looking up, I wanted to find a guy who was an INFJ male. So I just typed into Google INFJ (introversion, intuition, feeling, judging) male, right? And there were two results and one of them happened to be my future spouse. So I had reached out to him, we met up, I happened to be doing social work in Pasadena, he happened to be a software developer working for a start-up in Pasadena but living in Reno. And we had this amazing connection, we had this whirlwind courtship and within six months to all of our families’ dismay we were married. But it made sense, like our families they got it, like they saw us together and they understood, these two people are super compatible, they have a tremendous amount of respect for one another and they literally make each other better people.

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So he was like the yin to my yang, he was a developer — software developer, super, just chill, relaxed, goes at a slow pace but a steady pace and then I was just crazy erratic, creative. And it just worked like lock and key, just so so so seamless. And this went along for — I moved to Reno, dropped out of grad school, moved to Reno, started working in startups and started doing startup things with my new husband. And every night we would go out to restaurants or bars and just talk about ideas, it was like TED Talks all the time, we just really enjoyed each other’s minds. And we were soul mates, literally.

And so this went along and we’ve been married now nine years and so this went along for a good while. And it felt like the most peaceful time in my entire life. I felt like I had a home inside this person’s soul and this person lived with me, we worked together, oftentimes we did projects together, we dreamed together, we bought a house together. I helped him raise with my step-kids together. And everything just seemed — it seemed like I had won the lottery, like I could check that box off, like found my soul mate.

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