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Home » How to Humor Your Stress: Loretta LaRoche (Transcript)

How to Humor Your Stress: Loretta LaRoche (Transcript)

Following is the full transcript of stress expert and humorist Loretta LaRoche’s talk titled “How to Humor Your Stress” at TEDxNewBedford conference.


Well, I’ve been teaching stress management for a good 30 years. And I have to tell you people are going insane. It’s just unbelievable; isn’t it?

I mean I think about my origins. I’m a Sicilian girl from Brooklyn, and was born into this Italian family with a lot of drama — lot of drama — I mean you know, it’s like an opera. You take the garbage out. You got a oh, taken the garbage out… and they got to kiss everybody, because you might not come back. Who knows?

But the word stress didn’t even exist then. Nobody — nobody talked about stress. It was depression, it was World War II. My grandmother had three sons in the army and she was always suffering, because of that… Sicilian martyrdom. Every time I looked at her: Oh suffer.

But we laughed a lot. You know what else we did? We ate a lot. We ate. And when we were eating we practiced to eat again. We talked about eating all the time.

We had some fun amidst the angst that was going on. And people seemed to just roll with the punches. I mean they accepted the reality and they had a community of people that helped them. They were called neighbors. Do you remember them?

Nobody comes to your house anymore with a sausage or a meatball. Because you know what if your LDL is too high, or something might go wrong, you know and who are these people anyway? You see them coming to the door… oh, I don’t want to see any people. I have my show to watch tonight. The one with neighbors in it.

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