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Home » One Of The Deepest Conversations You Will Listen To About God: Dr. John Lennox (Transcript)

One Of The Deepest Conversations You Will Listen To About God: Dr. John Lennox (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of Dr. John Lennox’s conversation titled “One Of The Deepest Conversations You Will Listen To About God” at The Jordan B Peterson Podcast.

In this Jordan B Peterson Podcast, the discussion revolves around the intricate relationship between sacrifice, morality, and the essence of Christian theology, particularly focusing on the concept of voluntary sacrifice and its role in human development and spiritual salvation. The speakers explore the symbolic narrative of Genesis, emphasizing the limitations placed on human beings regarding the knowledge of good and evil and the divine pattern set for navigating life’s moral complexities.

The conversation delves into the transformative power of facing fears voluntarily, drawing parallels between psychological practices and theological insights, highlighting the growth and revelation of inner strength through such confrontations. The dangers of consensus-based morality are critically examined, using historical examples to argue the necessity of a transcendent moral anchor.

The podcast emphasizes the unique Christian perspective on death and resurrection, offering hope and a new vision of the future beyond physical mortality. It also touches on various forms of sacrifice, including the maternal archetype and the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ, illustrating the path to redemption and the light of life. The discussion concludes with reflections on following the Light of the world, Jesus, as a metaphor for a life aligned with divine truth, wrapping up a thought-provoking dialogue on faith, fear, and the pursuit of moral integrity.


JORDAN B PETERSON: Hello everyone watching and listening. Today, I’m speaking with Dr. John Lennox, mathematician, professor, author of many books, and public intellectual. We discussed the axioms and the dangerous aims of transhumanism, the interplay between ethical faith, reason, and the empirical world that makes up the scientific endeavor, and the line between Luciferian intellectual presumption and wise, courageous exploration.

Exploring Science and Faith

I wanted to start by asking you your opinion on some questions that have gone through my mind recently, and there’s one that’s very specific. I think I’ll start with, which is that, you know, I think for a lot of my life, and certainly when I was younger, I really bought the doctrine that there was an unbridgeable gap between the scientific way of looking at the world and the Christian way of looking at the world, let’s say.

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